Riding the Wave
I Am From

By Thatcher Dunsmore


I am from beaches and surfing,


             and sports.

I am from plane rides and sleeping,

         from playing

                and friends.

I am from baseball and soccer,

         from building

               and destroying

                       making and braking

I am from homework and school,

         pencils and


I am from moms but no dads,

         as if my dad

               was a piece of


I am from a fun life with my family

          and love

                   all around.



This was a school project in were we had to read a book called the outsiders and then write about a trait of one specific character.   

Sympathy is when one feels for another’s pain. Someone who has sympathy might help another pick up their fallen books, mourn for them if someone in their family has died, or they might help an elderly person cross a street. People who are sympathetic are therapists, doctors, and teachers. People who are sympathetic are Mrs. Gates, my mother, and my friend Sean. Soda, in The Outsiders, written by S.E. Hinton, has sympathy.

            First, Soda has sympathy when he tells Darry to stop yelling at Ponyboy. Darry is yelling at Ponyboy when Soda says to stop fighting. Since the brother’s parents have died Darry has acted like the dad of the family and has been giving Ponyboy a very hard time. Even though Ponyboy has been getting good grades, Darry is not satisfied with Ponyboy’s achievements. He is fed up with Darry and Ponyboy yelling at each other. Soda steps between the two boys and says to Darry, ”Leave my kid brother alone, ya hear”(page 17). This shows that Soda has a lot of sympathy.

            In the same way, Soda has sympathy when he mourns for Johnny when he dies. Ponyboy comes home and tells the gang that Johnny is dead. He tells everyone that Johnny has died right after the rumble and that he had told Johnny that the greaser had won the rumble. Johnny tells Soda and Darry that fighting is a waste of time. Soda is sad that Johnny has just died and that Dally has run off. Soda stands up and tells Ponyboy ”Ponyboy, you look sick, sit down”(page 153). This shows that Soda has sympathy and is caring for Ponyboy’s safety.

            In addition, Soda is scared for Ponyboy when he comes back from his stay at the church. Ponyboy and Johnny has just come out from hiding. The police are looking for them because both Ponyboy and Johnny were wanted for murder. They decided to turn themselves in and so they are going home with Dally. When he gets home, Soda is scared for Ponyboy so he looks at Ponyboy and says “Oh Ponyboy, your hair, your tuff, tuff hair.” Soda says this because Ponyboy’s hair has been all cut off so he is not recognizable. Soda says this with the utmost sympathy.     

     In conclusion, Soda in The Outsiders is sympathetic throughout this novel. Soda is sympathetic when he tells Darry to stop yelling at Ponyboy. Soda’s actions cause the book to have a more subtle effect on the book. Because he is sympathetic, Soda learns to listen to other people’s problems and not share his own. (Which later causes problems). If Soda is not sympathetic, Ponyboy might not have felt looked after or he might have felt all alone if not for Sodas sympathy. I have sympathy when I am nice to people on the playground. I do not have sympathy when I wrestle with my friend Henri.    


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